Halloween 2018.

First impressions I’ve watched it for the first time yesterday and wanted to write few words about movie. My first impression is going to change (soften) as I’m going to watch Halloween 2018. few more times, I’ll even learn to appreciate more, those tiny details and plot elements that are not relevant to the real…

The Thing

This striking visualization of the movie is made by James White.  

Mo Ganji

Mo Ganji is a tattoo artist from Iran, working in Germany. I’ve contacted this guy, and I feel like I’m going to visit him and finally get a tattoo. I’ve never had anything on my body, but since I’m too old already, no more time to triple think about it 🙂        …

Back To The Future Day 21.10.2015.

So it’s near, when I watched BTTF trilogy for the first time, I was just a kid fascinated by the plot and time-line, but as I grew older, I just stayed fascinated in the same way 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m 42 currently, so the best way to celebrate THE FUTURE, is to watch entire trilogy…


Last week I had to change my official ID, and they took a nice picture of me, which made me laugh like crazy. Horror must have me, I’m so scary, like a piece of shit 🙂 🙂 🙂