Dream Theater


When I get asked about favorite band and music my simple answer is DT. Yes I love music, and I love many different bands and genres (and hate many too) but Pull Me Under caught my soul (actually DT) and still has it 🙂

This is the most successful DT song, but by far NOT the best one! Best one? Ok, here it is:

Yup you hate this shit, but…

Dream Theater was founded by John PetrucciMike Portnoy and John Myung. I’ve never seen Mr.Myung as a creative force behind the band when I was younger, but today I understand his “silent” contribution. Other past members have been creatively irrelevant, maybe Mr.Kevin Moore is an exception. His input was very valuable but he spent sucha short time with band that I can’t include him in the creative force. There is a constant fight (no not really) for the title of most meh😒 member between: Mr.Charlie Dominici & Mike Mangini. To conclude, real DT is just JP & MP and JM partialy. I’ve skipped James LaBrie because he is not a founding member nor has any real creative input but technically, he is almost on the level of JP & MP so he’s neither meh nor real DT member. I must include Mr.Jordan Rudess in this story since he’s with DT but has never been a part of. He’s more like a hired gun, technically impressive but without any real connection to DT, also not on a JP & MP level of deity.