The Thing (2011)

When I hear “The Thing” I think of Kurt Russell and The Thing (1982)! 2011 movie is NOT a remake but a prequel to 1982 movie. Director went “all the way” to make it a literal prequel, with extreme care of micro elements and continuity. Sadly studios have decided that some elements of the plot are too complicated for viewers so they scraped the entire explanation of reason why UFO is on the Earth in the first place 🙁

Great revelation is that aliens have been infected with “The Thing” and have crashed on purpose to stop epidemy from spreading. Some scenes have been shoot with this plot, so CGI was used to hide dead aliens inside the ship. That’s how we got retarded “Rubik’s cube” scene.

“Rubik’s cube” cover up is actually hiding a dead alien’s body

The plot revolves around the same premises as the original 1982. movie, but the test for infection is different. First time we see an unfinished clone of a person, titanium rod (fracture repair) is next to the body, meaning The Thing can’t replicate inorganic materials, hence clever Kate thinks of a simple test, tooth fillings. If you floss, you are “infected”.

This a good lesson, about differentiating left and right side when you infect and clone a human being, you better take good care about which ear is pierced!

One by one, men are killed or infected, Kate and Carter go to alien ship. Kate fights and kills last creature, they go happily to their vehicle where Kate explains to Carter that she knows he’s infected because his earring is in the wrong ear and burns him 🙂

This is chopper from 2011. movie

As the ending credits role, they are interrupted by shots of chopper landing in the destroyed burning base. Pilot finds a survivor, who informs him of the situation, husky dog runs away, they chase him in helicopter and this is when and where 1982. The Thing starts…

This is chopper from 1982. movie
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