Plastic crack repair

I had to repair a crack in Karcher vacuum cleaner body. It is very rigid and rugged, heavy duty type of plastic, which is excellent for use and abuse, but it somehow got “raped” until it broke.

My initial thought was to simple glue it, but this part of body is very stressed since it holds the entire upper mechanism. ZDule advised me to repair it properly so it can withstand the use, and I got this plastic welding gun:

This was about 25 euros

As you can see on this picture bellow, I am a moron that went all the way in, without prior testing, hence the staple went outside 🙁 🙁 🙁

Never let an inexperienced retard repair your stuff
This is the stapler, loaded into the gun

After the initial screw-up, I got better and managed to do it “ok”

The smell was enlightening

After the staples were set in, I had to cut excess holders with wire cutter, but it left small and very sharp, upward pointing burrs, that had to be trimmed/filed down:

This was one handed attempt because I was holding the phone to record, very very bad job 🙂 🙂 🙂
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