The Golden Compass – The killer of cinema

This is a very very special movie, as many other films have changed and improved the way films are created, written, shoot and edited, The Golden Compass has single handedly FUCKED UP film art!!!

Yes, this is overreacting and bullish, but this film represents the beginning of a “new wave”, purely profit driven films. There were many exploitation films in past, they were made just for the profits but the creators were trying hard to make them look like a proper story.

The Golden Compass marks the start of: lights, camera, sound, some shit, end of production – way of making movies. Anything goes, you can show characters that have not been introduced or expected to appear in any moment, even in the film finale. This is exactly that happened in this ancestor of current cinema.

Further advancements in movie making have brought much more trash, but I salute to this prophet of future cinematography as it marks a sad moment in the history of cinema. The Golden Compass fuck you for ruining this art.