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First impressions

I’ve watched it for the first time yesterday and wanted to write few words about movie. My first impression is going to change (soften) as I’m going to watch Halloween 2018. few more times, I’ll even learn to appreciate more, those tiny details and plot elements that are not relevant to the real “taste” this movie has. So lets take a 💩 on this:

I couldn’t free my mind from seeing Jamie Lee Curtis hanging from that roof, when she kisses Michael and falls to her death, as I was watching this film. She has changed a lot, her hair is different, so it helps to forget her previous appearance in Halloween Ressurection. (of course NOT 👌)

Two investigative journalists are a nice touch. I was prepared for the reveal of the “horrible” truth about Michael Myers, through their investigation and dot connection.

Yes yes yes, we’re going to have a proper Halloween movie, FUCK you Rob Zombie and your white horse, Carpenter is going to explain everything, I just waited 40 years and, pfffffffff…

WTF??? They are just expendable characters??? WHY???

Halloween 2018. is just a thriler, it’s NOT even a horror movie, actually it’s more like an episode of long running sitcom, the “filler” episode 🙁

Pathetic, unexpected, unwanted, unnecessary Dr. Loomis wannabe twist

Sadly, Donald Pleasence (Dr. Loomis) has left us long time ago, so John Carpenter (creative consultant) had to replace this character with exactly the same character, but with different name, Dr. Ranbir Sartain 🙂 New doctor even goes with shameless self explanation that he was a student of Dr. Loomis and is totally obsessed with Michael Myers.

The twist with this character is just sad, something I could come up with if I had the honor of writing this script. For a brief moment I thought that it is a joke, Carpenter is going to stop the movie, and tell us few good ones, after that interruption, films gets re-winded, and we understand it was just a comic relief and now we get to see the real scene, but NO, nothing happens, the “twist” stays, that’s it. Dr. Ranbir Sartain is idolizing MM and wants a taste of Myers’s nirvana when he commits a murder, so good doctor does it, he kills and gets “high”. 🤣🤣🤣 HA HA HA HA HA HA HA FUCK ME, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Synopsis: Laurie Strode lives in fear, waiting for MM to come back and kill her. She’s prepared for him but in the process of training her daughter to combat MM (NO this is NOT stolen from Terminator franchise🤣) child services take her away. Today, old and gray, Laurie Strode has a good relation with her granddaughter, no relationship with her daughter and a military base style house, waiting for MM, to finish him for good. Reporters visit MM in asylum, where they bait him with his mask, which they’ve acquired in some unrealistic way. The mask makes all other patients agitated but MM just chills. Later it’s moving time for MM, they’re sending him to another nuthouse (again, never seen in Halloween universe😂) and as always, he escapes. MM moves in mysterious ways like some other imaginary creature, and successfully finds those reporters, kills them and gets his mask. After this part, it’s just a bit of chase in the town of Haddonfield, “horny” doctor kills a guy, Laurie copycats MM when she lies dead below the porch, but when MM checks on her, she’s missing etc etc etc until MM is burning (it would be a nice move to play: burn baby burn Disco Inferno, but we get some crappy music instead)

We see a complete scene of killing a child, but not some of teens. No nudity, but we see full frontal exiting of blade through the neck, all in all WTF??? No titties??? WHY???

In many interviews John Carpenter was clear about the fact that MM should be just The Shape, so nothing to explain, nothing to understand, no WHY to put in the movie. Since I really loved both Rob Zombie’s movies, and his explanation why (NO, NOT that fucking shit white horse, but the family and schoolmates), somehow I expected Carpenter to take this approach from Zombie and give us his explanation. In the end I don’t think Carpenter used even a second for this dilemma, I think he couldn’t care less about the entire movie, specially about some details like WHY, so we don’t get the explanation or anything else…

Conclusion – for now:

Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens was accused of recycling Lucas’s plots, literally retelling the same story in a modern way, which can be said about Halloween 2018. in some way. MM escapes from vehicle while transported to another institution, on 31.10. he goes to Haddonfield, goes on murder spree, kills some teens, hunts his sister, fails in killing her, good doc helps police to catch him and it all ends on a cliffhanger.


I’ll watch Halloween 2018. few more times, then I’ll continue work on this article. I don’t believe I will change my mind, probably I’ll just go deeper into details and maybe correct some of current errors, but:

Halloween 2018. is a waste of time 😭

Update: October 2020.

I’ve seen it, one and a half times since the original article. Watched it yesterday. My mind was constantly comparing it with Rob Zombie’s Halloween. I was so disappointed with this 2018. film and how much more Rob Zombie was true to “magic” of original movie. I believe that Carpenter has a grudge with Zombie or his movie, so we even hear: “The Shape” in 2018. version, an original name for Michael Myers. When you get old, you just do/say whatever you actually think.

Halloween 2018. is just action movie, no fright, no horror, no fear, it’s like fucking new Ghostbusters (which I decided NOT to see because of gender swap). 3 generations of strong independent women are preparing a trap for M.M. and they fuck him up. All men are just appetizers for M.M. but…

Halloween 2018. a huge disappointment.

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