Fuck the Army

18.12.1998. ZDule & I went to serve our dear motherland in the fucking army 🤮🤮🤮On the New Year’s Eve, I went to buy groceries with couple of soldiers and the owner of the shop gave everyone this beautiful sticker. I kept it safe through the shits that followed and brought it back home, to remind…


Trully a great sign/font/logo!!! BTW this is famous cafe in Zemun, my town. Sign says “Taurunum” in Cyrillic, which is the name of first settlement on grounds of today’s Zemun.

LED lights on our house

The facade on our house is made of bricks which overlaps the bottom part for few centimeters. I used aluminium “guides” (profiles) to install led tape, both as a holder and cooling “device” for our bellowed ultra hot summers 🔥🔥🔥. Later I’ve added extra led’s to a total of about 30m in length.

Pool table tunnel system

This is a custom home made collection system for OgiKev’s pool table. It mostly works but less then enough steep tunnels, sometimes make balls get stuck inside the table 😭😭😭. Someday, I’ll redo this system, someday… After I took these photos, we’ve added “padding” to the entire system since it was too loud like this….

Tribal cichlid 💩💩💩

While I was browsing the market in Egypt I found this gem. A real tribal cichlid fish, wooden with white fillings. Back in my hotel room, everything was made in this exact way, dark brown wood with white in it’s pores. I had to have it! As I unwrapped it back in hotel I found…

Scott Lynch’s Malawi tank

I believe this tank was scaped by George Farmer back in 2015. I’m not sure about this, I might be wrong 😒. This is “marine” style aquarium, hardscape mimics corals, lights and waves are playing a huge role in the “marine” feeling. A beautiful Malawi cichlid tank!