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When Microsoft announced a new feature called Recall, I was fascinated with it!!! Such a great idea, incredibly useful, especially for retards like me who tend to forget that his sandwich is in his right hand and bite a remote in his left hand (YES, I actually did this 🤯🤯🤯)


So Recall is mixture of few things that cooperate to give you the results. As much as I understand, both Microsoft’s and open source versions are doing the same thing. Capturing your screen(s) every few seconds, storing them and analyzing with OCR recognition and AI and building a database of text and images, which is later searchable with AI understanding, bringing you a possibility to find what you exactly did on that fateful night when you ended on the toilet for 45 minutes straight, but you can’t remember where you saw that perfect porcelain vase for your dining room. Recall is there to help you to make your table be a beautiful tableau of Swan Lake.

Since we all know Microsoft very well, it was a scandal ending in Microsoft promising NOT to force it on its users

So this great idea was used for:

A simple software that keeps everything under your own control on your local machine.

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