Jason plays pool

Another photo I couldn’t find a source, but I’ve found few words about it on Reddit:

Jason had a potato sack in part 2. The hockey mask did not appear until the end of part 3. So this photo isn’t behind the scenes of part 2. Still an awesome shot though.level 211 points·4 years ago

Came to say this. Now i dont have to. I guess I’ll leave this dribble.Continue this thread level 211 points·4 years ago·edited 4 years ago

The hatchet Mark in the top of the mask didn’t happen until the end of 3, different mask in five and 7+ so this leaves 4 or 6 or FvJ. In 6, the edges were more brittle and the eyes were rougher. The mask didn’t get the other cuts on it until Tommy Jarvis put the propeller on Jason’s face at the end of 6, and also more cuts on the top of Jason’s head in 6 because of his decomposition, so this leaves FvJ.

Edit: The red cheek marks were only in 3, 4 and FvJ, not 6. They were gone by the end of 4. In 4, the hatchet mark wasn’t closed, but cut all the way through and he had the cut in his head, too. The condition of the mask and Jason’s head is definitely FvJ.

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