Fuck the Army

18.12.1998. ZDule & I went to serve our dear motherland in the fucking army 🤮🤮🤮On the New Year’s Eve, I went to buy groceries with couple of soldiers and the owner of the shop gave everyone this beautiful sticker. I kept it safe through the shits that followed and brought it back home, to remind me how fucked up and retarded army is 💩💩💩.

Many years later I had to move out of my room, but I had a condition, sticker stays on the door of the room! New occupants spent 6 years but eventually also got kicked out by OgiKev, so we had a little chat about the fact the the fucking sticker STAYS on the door 🧠🧠🧠.

Few years later and the sticker is safe and sound on that door which is next to mine current room, so I see it all the time and it reminds me just how much I hate army 😡😡😡.

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