File Operations

LS (List) command

Most commonly used List command is:

ls -la

it outputs:

drw-rw-r-- 1 piroman piroman 65379 окт 12 11:11 z9a6t8j0qis51.jpg 
drw-rw-r–1piromanpiroman65379oct 1211:11z9a6t8j0qis51.jpg
typepermissionslink countownergroupsizedatetimename

LS options/switches

ls -alist all files including hidden file starting with ‘.’
ls –colorcolored list [=always/never/auto]
ls -dlist directories – with ‘ */’
ls -Fadd one char of */=>@| to enteries
ls -ilist file’s inode index number
ls -llist with long format – show permissions
ls -lalist long format including hidden files
ls -lhlist long format with readable file size
ls -lslist with long format with file size
ls -rlist in reverse order
ls -Rlist recursively directory tree
ls -slist file size
ls -Ssort by file size
ls -tsort by time & date
ls -Xsort by extension name

Most of this info is based on: