When I get asked about favorite band and music my simple answer is DT. Yes I love music, and I love many different bands and genres (and hate many too) but Pull Me Under caught my soul (actually DT) and still has it 🙂

This is the most successful DT song, but by far NOT the best one! Best one? Ok, here it is:

Yup you hate this shit, but…

Dream Theater was founded by  John PetrucciMike Portnoy and John Myung. I’ve never seen Mr.Myung as a creative force behind the band nor any other member with small exception of Mr.Kevin Moore. There is a constant fight (no not really) for the title of most meh😒 member between: Mr.Charlie Dominici & Mike Mangini. To conclude, real DT is just JP & MP. I’ve skipped James LaBrie because he is not a founding member nor has any real creative input but technically is almost on the level of JP & MP so he’s neither meh nor real DT member.I must include Mr.Jordan Rudess in this story since he’s with DT but has never been a part of. He’s more like a hired gun, technically impressive but without any real connection to DT, also not on a JP & MP level of deity.